■About LHSI

LHS stands for Learning Health Society.
A learning health society is a society that implements learning health systems.
The LHSI has been established to realize such a society.

A learning health society realizes a vibrant and healthy life for years to come for all its members, by collecting all past and present information related to health care, making full use of cutting-edge science to analyze this data, and providing the most appropriate solutions for individual health.

In the midst of a massive and unprecedented scientific and technological revolution, we will develop integrated systems for collecting information about physical and mental conditions and combine these systems with health-care information to construct a framework for maintaining and promoting optimal health for each individual.

LHSI, as a leader in implementing health data reform for extending healthy life expectancy, will facilitate data-driven health promotion together with data-driven science.

■LHSI Mission Statement

– With the aims of enabling people to lead a long healthy life and building a vibrant and happy society, which are challenges common to all humankind, we will contribute to overcoming Japan’s year 2040 problem, caused by aging of the population, an increase in social burden, and a decrease in the productive population, through substantial contributions in the field of health care.

– Our goal is to implement effective approaches that lead directly and indirectly to social implementation of learning health systems, i.e. the creation of a learning health society, with the application of the PDCA cycle to achieve continual improvement in health care that will surely extend healthy life expectancy. Our ultimate goal is to establish a comprehensive and integrated feedback structure that enables each generation to pass their findings and experiences on to the next generations, in order to extend healthy life spans for everyone.

– We will support research and development in Japanese academia and promote the creation of medical innovation.

Specifically, we will:

1) Fundamentally accelerate the development of new drugs and medical technologies by creating a real-time registry of all diseases, especially rare refractory diseases.

2) Develop strategic approaches to integrate innovation, with the aims of extending healthy life expectancy and reducing the need for long-term care, by supporting research and development in Japanese academia and creating medical innovation.

3) Make every effort to provide personal digital health solutions and social implementation of effective treatment to ensure the prevention of frailty (“Frailty-free Initiative”).

■Scope of LHSI

1.iCRO - innovative CRO
We implement an integrated strategic approach to overcoming all intractable diseases.

2.Smart Medical R&D
We plan and support all research and development activities that have the potential to help patients overcome any of the conditions that give rise to a need for long-term care.

3.Intelligent Health Promotion
We plan and support all research and development activities that may lead to the establishment of an effective approach and structure for preventing frailty at both an individual and a social level.

4.Global Alliance to Conquer Diseases
We will actively engage in international cooperation and development of the above projects.